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. gemba and panetta met. >> translator: we agreed that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent japan/china relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense minister. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the security treaty. but the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take a position with regards to competing sovereignty claims. it is extremely important that diplomatic needs on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >> the threat of more protests is prompting japanese firms in china to temporarily close factories and stores. panasonic has suspended operations at three factories until tuesday after protesters damaged buildings and equipment. electronics maker canon will halt operations at its factories for a day. mitsubishi chemical holdings will close operations at its beijing office. consumer goods company lion has decided to temporarily shut down a factory on monday and tuesday.
bureau in bangkok has the latest on what's going on in the region. >>> defense secretary leon panetta is set to visit japan, china, and new zealand this weekend. the trip is the latest move in the pivot to asia policy of the u.s. panetta is expected to discuss the territorial disputes during his trip to china. plans for panetta's tour were announced by pentagon spokesperson george little at a news conference on thursday. >> this weekend, secretary panetta will depart washington for his third visit to asia in eleven months as secretary of defense. >> the u.s. is urging china and the asean countries involved to draw up a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions in the south china sea. the issue is likely to be a theme of panetta's visit to china. earlier this month, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton visited china and some asean countries. the obama administration is highlighting its policy shift, which places new emphasis on the asia-pacific region. >>> next we have news in brief. in cambodia, the release of a key figure of the former khmer rouge regime has been postponed.
with hillary clinton. he held this meeting with leon panetta and, according to mr. panetta, he appeared in robust health. from one insider we heard that he injured his back while he was swimming. that is one reason that the party put him forward for this absence. the fact that the man expected to become one of the most powerful leaders anywhere on earth disappeared for two weeks, it shows you how opaque the chinese political system remains. >> he used very strong language against tokyo and leon panetta there. he is going to have to try to assuage the beijing concerns, is in not? >> america and japan have a very close military alliance. it is worth pointing out that the bbc has just spoken to leon panetta, and he has delivered a very stark warning. he said that these territorial dispute need to be resolved peacefully, otherwise they risk becoming violent conflicts. and he said they cannot be allowed to become the kind of dynamite that can result in a larger conflict. in terms of america, he said there was a risk of the u.s. being drawn into a conflict. giving you some indication of the w
to stop undermining chinese sovereignty. xi met in beijing with u.s. defense secretary leon panetta and he criticized the island and said the purchase was a farce and urged u.s. leaders not to intervene. panetta says the islandful under the japan/u.s. treaty. chinese leaders say it should not apply to the territory. a senior official quotes panetta saying, u.s. officials won't take side. panetta is urging diplomats to continue talks on the issue. >>> u.n. secretary-general moon is urging leaders offpjapan and china to meet next week he wants the two to resolve their rift peacefully. >> i am increasingly troubled by rising tensions in the region over territorial disputes. pan has been watching the events. >> i urge concerned parties to resolve the dispute peacefully. must continue to build a mutual trust and confidence to avoid tensions in the region. >> the general assembly will start next tuesday in new york. the leaders of more than 120 nations plan to attend including japanese prime minister. >> a group of people believed to be involved in anti-japan protests, surrounded a car, carrying
up >> leon panetta speaks out about navy seals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> welcome back. the head of the chicago school board says he thinks there could be a deal to date and the city's teachers strike. this is the second day of the walk out in the nation's third largest school district. he issues are job security and teacher evaluations. >> this is video just released by wisconsin police of the shooting rampage that killed six members of a sikh temple. the officer who first arrived at the scenes as the shooter chased him down firing several rounds towards him. police say the gunman shot and killed himself as officers closed in. al qaeda and no. 2 leader in yemen is dead. officials confirmed the debt but not reports that it was a missile who killed him and six others. he had spent six years locked up in guantanamo bay >> secretary of defense leon panetta appeared on cbs this morning. he was asked about the controversial book by a navy seal who took part in the raid that killed osama bin laden's >> there is no question the american people have a right to know about this operation w
>>> good morning. welce to "cbs this morning." defense secretary leon panetta blasts the navy seal who wrote a book about osama bin laden's raid. >>> new accusations about what the bush administration knew about al qaeda months before the 9/11 attack. >>> a mystery in china where the country's future leader has disappeared. and andy murray will be here in studio 57 today. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>> how can we run sensitive operations here if people are allowed to do that? >> defense secretary leon panetta tells cbs news a book about the bin laden raid crosses the line. >> you want this navy seal prosecuted? >> i think we have to take steps to make clear that we're not going to accept this kind of behavior. >>> it was 11 years ago today a terrorist group hijacked airliners into the world trade center, the pentagon, and in pennsylvania. >> the agreement to complete the museum at the site. >>> for a second day, thousands of chicago teachers are heading back to the picket line this morning as negotiations remain gridlocked
. here's a live look arlington, virginia we just saw the president, first lady, defense secretary panetta arrive at an easel that was set up and have a moment of silence at a wreath hung there the president and leon panetta, also the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will make remark there is. for now you see the crowd and the flag hanging from the pfpbt gone behind the group. another live look now -- ground zero in new york city. family members reading all 2977 names of the people who killed in the twin towers. they began the hours long process, 30, 40 minutes ago. for the first time no politicians are going to participate following that theme, president obama and mitt romney have pulled their negative ad campaigns for the day. let's listen in now live as some of those names are read. . christine eagan, michael eagan. samantha martin eagan. lisa karen airwick. >> reporter: this process will go on for hours this morning. about 45 minutes ago at -- [ inaudible ] the president and first lady observed a moment of silence on the south lawn of the white house, marking the exact time the fi
sensitive operations here if people are allowed to do that? >> defense secretary leon panetta tells cbs news a book about the bin laden raid crosses the line. >> you want this navy s.e.a.l. prosecuted? >> i think we have to take steps to make it clear that we're not going to accept this kind of behavior. >> 11 years ago terrorists who hijacked airliners into the world trade center, the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania. >> completing the museum at the site. >> president obama observed a moment of silence at white house, marking the moment when the first plane hit the world trade center. >> for a second day, thousands of chicago teachers are heading back to the picket line as negotiations remain gridlocked. >>> emerged the grand slam champi champion, andy murray wins the u.s. open. >> it wasn't just important for me, but as a country as a whole. >>> duke and duchess of cambridge have arrived in singapore, ahead of their diamond jubilee tour of asia. >> i don't mean dominated but in the sense of -- >> absolutely not. >> i need new glasses, went and got some glasses. >> i don't want to accus
to defuse the tension between japan and china. gemba and leon panetta met on monday. he said they pn to solve the problems calmly based on a broad perspective. >> translator: we agree that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense minister. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the u.s.-japan treaty. he said the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take position with regards to competing sovereignty claims. it's important that diplomatic means on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >> japanese business people in china have looked out of their pla plants. they don't like what they see. what's t view from the facto factori factories. >> some are seeing protesters and they are pulling down their shutters as protesters turn nasty in china japanese are closing down their factories and stores. honda motor will stop operations at five pl
they ha not spott it. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta urged japanese and chinese leaders to act calmly to resolve the dispute. he held talks in beijing with the defense minister. panetta said the united states is concerned about east asian maritime security. >> the point of this is to send a very positive message to all the nations of this region and the world that we intend to establish a relationship that is healthy, stable, and reliable and continuous. >> he says he hopes to resolve the problem through peaceful kie log but japanese leaders are fully responsible for the unrest. >> translator: china is watching the developments very closely. we have the right to take further action. >> chinese state news reported he came out in opposition to comments panetta made in tokyo. the u.s. defense chief said the san can you can you islands lie within the area covered by the security treaty. he added china expects the u.s. to maintain the neutral stance regarding conflicting claims of sovereignty. business leaders in china are responding in different ways. yucat how are business leaders and bu
more than a week after the purchase of the senkakus islands. xi met in beijing with leon panetta. xi criticized the nationalizatioof the islands. he said t purchase was a farce. xi urged u.s. leaders not to intervene. the islands fall under the scope of the security treaty. the treaty should not apply to the territory. a senior u.s. defense official quotes panetta as saying u.s. officials won't take sides. panetta is urging diplomats to keep talking to resolve the issue diplomatically and peacefully. >>> japan's coast guard officials are keeping a close eye on government ships in waters off the senkakus islands. there's no sign of a chinese flotilla. they have spotted 16 chinese patrol ships around the area since tuesday. they are fishing monitoring ships and vessels. at least six of those ships have now left the area. two were cruising near japanese waters on thursday morning. earlier this week, 1,000 fishing boats were heading for the area around the islands. but the coast guard says it hasn't spotted the flotilla. >>> police in ja paz may be looking into hacking. someone tampered
tonight. >>> leon panetta paid tribute on this 11th anniversary. he says there is a spirit of service that drives this country. >> reporter: we also honor the courageous efforts of the first responders, the rescue workers, and countless civilians and military pentagon employees whose efforts to save the wounded prevented further loss of life. their actions that day reflect the very spirit of this great country of ours. >> panetta led the way in honoring more than 107 people who were killed at the pentagon. vice president biden marked the 9/11 anniversary in shanksville, pennsylvania. he honored the men and women who died there. >> the heroism of your husbands lives, sons, daughters, fathers, what they did for this country is still etched in the minds of not only you, but millions of americans. >> the vice president laid a wreath at a memorial honoring the victims. that memorial is still being built. organizers say they need to raise about $5 million to complete the memorial. >>> as the nation pauses to remember 9/11 what are your memories of that tragic day? where were you? on our fac
, but it's also now put the united states front and center. the defense minister leon panetta has been in beijing for top level talks trying to reassure china that the united states is staying neutral on this dispute and wants to see it negotiated calmly. right now, of course, with the u.s. involved in this, this just goes to show how tense this situation is coming particularly at a time when china is now emerging as a hot button issue in the u.s. presidential election. stan grant, cnn, beijing. >>> as stan just mentioned defense secretary le panetta is talking to chinese leaders about those tensions riszing in asia. today he met with china's vice president in beijing. let's bring in cnn's michael holmes right now. this is a very difficult situation because you're talking about the u.s. military ally is japan, trade ally is china. how is leon panetta managing juggling all of this today? >> very carefully, i think, you could say. it's a real balancing act. you know, he is having to appear not to take sides. saying outright that the u.s. is not taking sides in this issue, while at the sa
armadas, se piden más control con nuevas politicas de entrenamiento >>leon panetta llamo al orden a las fuerzas armadas y les exigio implementar medidas eficientes para impedir los abusos dentro de las filas >>las estadisticas dicen que el 88% de las víctimas son mujeres >>carolaine fue parte de un grupo que investigo los abusos a mujeres dentro de las filas y su temor a denunciar >>reciben un mensaje que no deben hablar de cosas como abusos. >>la diferencia de rangos hace que los superiores se aprovechen de sus víctimas. >>las veteranas por lo menos fueron violadas en dos oportunidades, concluyó el estudio >>una mujer tiene más posibilidad de ser víctima de violencia sexual, que ser asesinada. >>el secretario león panetta le dio la categoria de prioridad urgente, y dio plazo hasta diciembre para recibir un plan >>muchas gracias, cambiamos de tema, más latinos estan en favor de la pena de muerte 52% y 32% se opone >>esto se revela en una encuesta en california. >>hablamos ahora de economía,noticias sobre el mercado inmobiliario, las ventas de casas se elevan por tercer mes conse
to rein in their behavior. he made the comments during a meeting with leon panetta. he told the bbc it would be important for the countries to resolve the dispute. >> uninhabited and isolated, they could spark war in asia. offer there is some oil and gas at here, but it is national pride at stake. already, ships are fighting at sea, japan and china duelling. chinese nationalists tried to plant their fight last month. japan says that they have bought the islands. they have urged restraint. there has been a fury in china, people here are taught to remember the japanese wartime atrocities and encouraged to believe that type of's power is rising. this is a combustible mix. -- they are occurs to to believe that japan's power is rising. there is aggressive nationalism in china and also attention with its neighbors. that means with a small incident, it could set off a dangerous dynamic. it could even soft in america which has a defense treaty obliging it to help japan in any conflict. >> these kinds of incidents could drag the u.s. into it in one capacity or another. it cannot be allowed t
, monday, leon panetta toured the memorial with united flight 93 went down. at sunset, 40 luminaries lit the wall. vice president biden will attend ceremonies there later this morning. and good news for visitors to the 9/11 memorial in new york. a dispute over how to fund construction of a museum on the memorial grounds was resolved monday night. >> we feel the public is so needing this complimentary experience to the memorial. >> reporter: construction begins at the end of the month. >> that was susan mcginnis reporting this morning. >>> important news for tens of thousands of first responders who worked at the world trade center site and were exposed to toxic chemicals. the government added some 50 types of cancer. >> reporter: for three years, firefighter ray pfeiffer has been saying the hundreds of hours he worked had something to do with his advanced kidney cancer. >> it's like vindication, saying hey listen, we recognize that we were down there, we did get sick from down there, and it's a little bit of relief. >> reporter: last year, the world trade center health program was grante
and leon panetta? was she a member? >> guest: unclear but probably not. there were a lot of discussions between valerie jarrett and the president himself and remember what barack obama had said about valerie jarrett. he told "the new york times" in 2009, never make an important decision without talking to valerie jarrett first. he said he speaks with her two to three times a day and if you look at white house visitor logs you will notice the first two administrations while they were hunting bin laden, the visitor logs, leon panetta only visits the white house nine times that we have two to three times a day on one hand versus nine times in two years so you have an enormous influence of valerie jarrett. >> host: you describe in your book how a number of political advisers met with the residents far more often judging by the president logs. >> guest: very interested in politics. huskey you've mentioned this particular case study that the president was able to make small decisions but never the big decisions along the way. >> guest: that's right. people tend to think of it like a movie whe
be trajd about the u.s. -- leon panetta is in china, he's trying to renegotiate a new military treaty. but can we trust them? as reagan used to say, trust but verify, but first up tonight, a growing chorus of conservatives. they have some strong messages for mitt romney. politico reporter alex papas of "the daily caller." this pains me to hear my conservative pals being so morose and disappointed. what's the deal. >> first off, mitt romney's had a bad couple of weeks and they're worried. the conservatives are worried now. they're saying mitt, you've got to change course or you're going to lose. today the biggest name was peggy no noonan, of the "wall street journal," she said you can't just run against mitt romney, i'm the anti-obama candidate. the point that they're making is that romney's got to -- the deal is that robama can't just lose, romney's got to win. >> do you think he will? >> that's to be seen. i will tell you, one thing that we did see, people have been pushing and conservatives have been pushing mitt romney to get more specific when it comes to policy and in a sign that
in any discussions with hillary clinton, robert b. imus leon panetta? was she in the room? >> unclear, but probably not. there were a lot of discussions between valerie jarrett and the president himself. barack obama has said about valerie jarrett company told "the new york times" in 2009, i never make an important decision without talking to valerie jarrett first. he said he may support two to three times a day. if you look at what has this deluxe can you notice in the first of the administration, while we were hunting bin laden, to direct here, leon panetta only visited the white house nine times. so we have two or three times a day in one hand versus nine times in two years. >> host: you describe in your book how he met with the president far more often than the white house loves. you mention in the discussion in this particular case study that the president was able to make smart decisions, but never the big decisions along the way. >> guest: that's right. people tend to think of it as a movie where the president picks up the phone and tells them where to go and they take off. but
of defense panetta visited the flight 93 memorial today in shanksville, pennsylvania. 40 lantern were later lit in memory of the passenger and crew who parish battling the hi jacker on the san francisco bound flight. vice president biden reside over ceremony in shanksville. panetta at pavrngsville memorial and only family members will speak tomorrow. >> graffiti vandal spray painted their way through berkeley neighborhood this weekend damaging at least 13 buildings. business owns on 5th street say they were shbingd to find the multi-color scawltion. nick is live in berkeley tonight where a plan to celebrate the art of graffiti turned terribly wrong next. >> it did indeed. good evening. you know some people consider as xwra fit i other people consider art. a local berkeley businessman purchased a building and realize that graffiti artist were using the wall and ceiling as canvas so he decided before he would renovate he would give them one more opportunity to show their stuff. best laid plans often go awry. >> a lot was too beautiful to just take down. >>reporter: allen appreciates
with chihuahuas here people want them they are cute and little and then they let them go >>> defense chief panetta tries to smooth over relations with china. the pitch he's making to its next leader. >>> drawings published today expected to fuel more protests in the muslim world. >>> coming to a smartphone near you, facebook's lat it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. >>> welcome back. temperatures around the country cooler air filtering out of t
. leon panetta was here to lift the ban on new zealand trip docking on american port. it started in 1986 after new zealand stopped nuclear vessels after they stopped america in its port. the united states needs new zealand as part of its strategy re-engaging with pacific nations. >> one of the elements of the strategy, the defense strategy that we put in place is aimed at trying to develop a rotational presence by the united states in this area that involves greater exercises, greater training, greater systems with the countries in this region and as i mentioned to the minister, i hope that we will be able to engage in those kinds of exercises in the near future. i think it would be beneficial. >> the expansion of china's armed forces is what concerns washington. although official chinese spending is far behind, the americans believe the truth is much higher. this week, a intelligent of american marines leaves northern australia after a six-month stay. another sign of closer u.s. ties in the region. those marines will be back here next year in greater numbers. all parts of an incremental
and leon panetta. was she in the room? >> guest: not clear but probably not. there were discussions between valerie jared and the president. remember what barack obama said. he told "the new york times" in 2009 and for making an important decision without talking to valerie first. he said they were there two to three times a day. in the first administration while they were hunting bin laden, according to the white house visitor logs the director leon panetta only visits the white house nine times, so two to three times a day on the one hand versus nine times in two years. >> you describe how a number of political advisers met judging by the white house logperch. >> host: this is the interest in the politics. >> host: dimension the president was able to make small decisions but never the big decisions along the way. >> guest: people tend to think of it like a movie the president picks up the phone and tells them to go and cut to the next scene. the fact of the decision is complex and involves a lot of moving parts they've trained and rehearsed and even before that you have to decide what sha
plans. >>> leon panetta takes new steps to stop sexual assaults in the military. >>> and the president addresses the u.n. his comments about the embassy attack that killed bay area native chris stevens. >>> and our reality check segment. will the new death penalty proposition really save california money? we crunch the numbers for you. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> it is a controversial debate. 14 people have been executed in california since 1976. with the cost to taxpayers in the billions according to some estimates. >> in tonight's reality check, sam br
dempsey and defense secretary leon panetta. american airlines flight 77 left dulles airport at 8:20 a.m. on september 11th, 2001. it was supposed to go to los angeles but somewhere over indianapolis five hijacks took over the plane. they turned it back toward washington and crashed it into the pentagon killing the crew of six and all 53 passengers as well as the hijackers. the plane hit the pentagon at the first floor level on the western side. one section of the building collapsed. 125 workers here that day were killed, many of them civilians. the pentagon memorial was completed and open to the public this 2008. the 7th anniversary of the attacks. it's usually open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. today it will be closed for this morning's ceremonies and will reopen to the public at noon. tony and allison, we do expect many people to come here after noon to pay their respects here at the 9/11 memorial. president obama and the first lady after the ceremonies wrap up here this morning will then travel to the walter reed naval medical center in bethesda to spend some time with wounded warr
ahead on news 4 at 5:00 -- security breach. leon panetta weighs in on the potential ramifications of the book that goes inside the osama bin laden raid. >>> it isn't just the kids who get pumped for the first day of school. one mom's public display of glee is resonating with other parents. >>> and in sports, why 9/11 has special meaning to members of the georgetown university football team. >>> also coming up at 6:00, the battle between metro and the nats. >>> dan joins us with a special tribute from georgetown for 9/11. >> the september 11th attacks really touched all of us, and like so many the georgetown football team lost a member of their family. zachary kiesch has more on how the hoyas are remembering number 35. >> joe was an impact player for us. he was a tenacious xet the or the. he played free safety to start and linebacker later in his career. more of a leader by example than vocally but was very tough, hard-nosed football player. >> joey is joey ekivachi, a 1996 graduate of georgetown who later became an energy trader on the 105th floor of the north tower. joey's life w
will be speaking there today. yesterday defense secretary leon panetta visited the flight 93 national memorial calling it the final resting place of american patriots. >> it's the spirit that was reflected in the heroes here who were willing on a plane to suddenly charge ahead knowing -- knowing that it was very likely that they were giving their lives for their country. that kind of sacrifice, that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, that kind of courage is what makes this country strong. and we had damn well better remember that every day. >> reporter: here's a look at how you can remember 9/11 here in washington at 9:37 this morning, the exact moment the third plane flew into the pentagon, there's going to be a moment of silence at arlington national cemetery and the cemetery will be open to the public. but not open to the public, the pentagon memorial. it's going to be closed from 5:00 a.m. to noon for a private ceremony for the survivors and the victims' families. if you really want to do something today, really give back, i would say check out the national day of service and rem
secretary leon panetta weighing right in on what he knows and doesn't know about syria's chemical weapons. a top syrian opposition group claims it captured these missiles in damascus and said they had been adapted to carry chemical and biological war heads. cnn cannot independently confirm the claim. but a new admission from leon panetta. serious chemical weapons have been on the move and he's not sure what exactly has happened. >> there has been intelligence that there have been some moves that are taken place. where exactly that's taken place, we don't know. >> reporter: panetta insists that al assad's forces control the major chemical and biological site, but there are security concerns. >> there has been some intelligence with regards to some of these sites that there has been some movement in order for the syrians to better secure the chemicals. >> reporter: rebels are clearly making a public play that they can get to the weapons. on this video, a narerator points to satellite imagery of what he says is a chemical weapons warehouse in damascus and a tunnel that connects the warehouse
. but first from fox this friday night, chemical weapons on the move in syria. defense secretary leon panetta now confirms new intelligence now shows movement at some of that country's suspected chem al weapons sites. troublesome because syria's leader bashar assad has repeatedly proved he is willing to murder innocent civilians. and activists say 30,000 people have died during the uprising over the last year and a half. but secretary panetta says in this case, it looks as if the syrians are just shifting the chemical weapons to better secure them. and he does not note any evidence that the regime is preparing to actually deploy those weapons. >> while there has been some limited movement, again, the major sites still remain in place. still remain secure. >> we hope he is right. last month, president obama said his administration made clear to the syrian regime that if we start seeing a government moving around, quote: a whole bunch of weapons that would be a red line. so far there is no word from the white house about whether this latest movement means syria has crossed that red line. but t
. >> and at the pentagon, that will start in just about 30 minutes from now. leon panetta will be there speaking and talking directly not only to the american people but to the families of the victims. that also includes a wreathe laying and a moment of silence and president barack obama will be there as well. just a moment ago, you watched here live on ktvu channel 2 morning news as the president and first lady led a moment of silence on the lawn of the white house and last night 40 lanterns were place -- lanterns were placed in shanksville pennsylvania where the plane crashed and you can see that at the bottom of the memorial. they represent the 40 passengers and crew members who died on that flight on september 11th, 11 years ago. it was original bound for san francisco vice-president joseph biden will be speaking there at the shangri-la -- shanksville pennsylvania memorial. >>> allie rasmus is live in fremont to tell us how the south bay is marking this day, allie? >>> we are at the veterans memorial in fremont and you can see there is a group of about 35 to 40 people taking part in a can te
enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: as defense secretary panetta told norah o'donnell earlier this month, the u.s. has a different red line. >> when they make the decision to go ahead and build a nuclear weapon, that for us is a red line. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence does not believe iran has made that decision yet. but netanyahu said it is too dangerous to rely on intelligence to detect a decision made in secret. so he set his red line on something he can see, uranium enrichment. >> reporter: panetta used to worry israel might strike iran as early as this spring or summer. judging by what netanyahu said at the united nations, the time to worry will be next spring. david martin, cbs news, at the pentagon. >> iran's u.s. ambassador spoke after netanyahu, accusing the prime minister of using an unfounded and imaginary graph to justify a military threat. he said iran reserves the right to retaliate with full force against any attack. >>> in libya, the u.s. is withdrawing more of its diplomatic personnel. the drawdown involves some of the embassy staff in tripoli
service at the site where flight 93 crashed near shanksville, pennsylvania. leon panetta was there yesterday. he took a tour and participated in a wreath-laying ceremony. that stone wall is covered with the names of the passengers and crew who died that day. >>> you'll see a heightened security presence today on metro in montgomery county. police officers will be using a new safety tool. they're carrying devices on their belts that detect radiation. a hit caused lights to flash and a vibration or audio signal. the department recently bought 40 detectors with federal grant money. >> the type of radiation we're trying to detect is the type of radiation that would be seen as the ideal ingredient for a weapons of mass destruction, a dirty bomb, one of the ingredients that the terrorists would like to use. >> police say there is no threat against metro. but officials are just being proactive. a montgomery county police spokesperson says during the months they've used the devices, there has only been one alarm. >>> before we go any further, i want to turn to tom kierein and get
leon panetta was in japan yesterday and china today. in japan, he urged caution on both sides. >> it's in everybody's interest, it is in everybody's interest for japan and china to maintain good relations and to find a way to avoid further escalation. >> warner: today after meeting with panetta, china's defense minister refused to rule out any options in dealing with japan >> in the future, we will continue to follow very closely the involvement of the situation with regards to this disputement we reserve the right to further action. that being said we still hope for peaceful and negotiatedded solution to this issue. >> warner: secretary panetta continues his three-day visit to china tomorrow. for more now, i'm joined by douglas paal of the carnegie endowment for international peace. he's a former national security council and state department official specializing in asian affairs. and james fallows, national correspondent for the "atlantic" magazine. he has lived in, and written extensively about, both japan and china. gentlemen, what are we to to make of this? we've seen these pas
, be and from the secretary of defense, leon panetta, and president obama himself. and this afternoon, in what will be a private affair, he will go to walter reed medical center and visiting with wounded warriors there, carol. that's something that the cameras will not see. you know, as you can probably see behind me, it's a beautiful, crisp, fall-like day here in washington, d.c. on this day that has become sort of a somber ritual here at the white house and here in washington, d.c., carol. >> reminds you of what the weather was like on that terrible day 11 careeyears ago. beautiful day. what did the president say in his weekly address? >> reporter: he talked about something that a lot of people connect with, and awhat they felt in the days following 9/11. the legacy of 9/11 is that no act can something that resonates now 11 years later, certainly in the days following 9/11 that a lot of people felt as well. >> the great sense of patriotism that existed back then. everyone reached out a hand. i don't know. it was a great feeling in a time of great sadness. brianna keilar, thank you very much.
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